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BAM! Jr. 1.1.0 for iOS PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 May 2012 00:00
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Bam! Jr. is a new kids game for all iOS devices. The game is focused on younger kids and is a simple matching same that kids can play with their friends.  

Game play
The app launches ready to play. The first player selects the icon/color they like and then the next player selects an icon. The center Play icon becomes active only after a second icon is selected. Players can select up to 8 icons and therefore can provide fun for up to 8 kids in one match. The game is made to have at least two people play it, but one player could have fun with it as well.

Once the game begins, the players only have 5 second to tap the screen if they see their icon. If users correctly select their icons, they earn points and the winner of the match is the player that selects their icon most often. If you miss an icon, you’re out! At the end of the match there is a score chart showing how well the players performed.

Game play can just continue on and on if they keep tapping their icons. Players can also can go back at anytime and select new icons to start new match up with their friends.

Bam! Jr, for what is it is, is a great game for your ¢ 0.99. Anything that can potentially entertain up to eight children for a length of time, for only a buck - sold!

However we are a bit unsure of letting an iPad be the center of attention for a group of sugared up toddlers. That will be your call. And the producers of BAM! Jr are sure to tell you that right away. In the center of the game interface is their disclaimer. They make it very clear that they are in no way responsible for any damage to your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

IMO – In MacDetails Opinion…
MacDetails would like to see the user interface improved in future versions. The current design is about as WYSIWYG as you can get but we would advise them to create a traditional menu design with options the included the disclaimer and how it works.

We would also recommend they create something more graphically or animated to instruct users on how it works. Providing young users with a paragraph of text to read is not the user-friendliest for this audience. To make the app more appealing we would recommend that the Bam! Jr game designers develop something using cartoons or animations to demo how the game is played.

In other words, Mom’s and Dad’s, once you download it your have to read the instructions to help the kids out.

Final thought
Have fun and spend a buck on Bam! Jr for your kids - but have them play on a carpeted floor!