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Data Recovery Guru for Mac OSX Lion PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 03 December 2011 15:19
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  • Fast & Easy File Recovery
  • Mac OSX Lion Ready
  • Recover over 100 different file types

There is a great new program now available that can recover long lost files easily and quickly. Check out Mac OSX File Recovery's new program Data Recovery Guru.

In our testing, we were easily able to use Data Recovery Guru to scan and find deleted files on all the available volumes on our testing computers. When you "Start Scan" you can search for deleted files only or for deleted and regular files. As Guru scans the volume it lists files that you can start reviewing as the program continues to scan. Though the files that are found are not named with their original names, you can select them and get a preview thumbnail of the files and see their file size.

When you finally select a file you want to recover and click the Recover button, Guru will prompt the user to specify where you want to save the recovered file and after it is saved it will give you the option to show it in the Finder or Open the file directly.

We recovered everything we could find - Word docs and PDFs, Illustrator files, QuickTime movies, and Photoshop PSD files. Data Recovery Guru supports recovering over 100 different types of files and costs only $99.

This is one Guru that every office can afford and should have on-call. Data Recovery Guru could truly be an asset to anyone that depends on their computer and digital files for their work. Go to Data Recovery Guru to learn more and buy online.