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Saturday, 03 December 2011 15:19
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  • Mac Press Release Service
  • Video News Releases
  • Reach almost 700 media agencies
  • Over 7000 Members

In the world of marketing, it is tough to get attention. Once you have created something, you need to literally tell everybody in the world – or at least your corner of it. Not the easiest thing to do of course, especially when it’s tough for some businesses to budget for marketing.

In the Mac world, it’s even more important to have your press release heard because the mass media usually doesn’t have time for Mac innovations – unless Steve Jobs was talking about it (RIP Steve).

You need to get the word out and one of the best ways is through a press release service like I have used prMac and it is the best press release resource for anyone that develops a product and wants to sell it to a targeted audience of Apple product lovers.

I first discovered their service after I created my iOS app – My Spot Pro. My releases got the most attention and made a difference in sales. Not an easy thing to do when your product is one of 500,000 in a store.

The media agencies need to know your product exists. When I use prMac’s services I always see the results in increased traffic and sales. They can write and distribute your press release and now they have a great new service where they will create a Video News Release (VNR) about your product. Needless to say, video is one of the best resources for marketing. prMac can distribute your release to almost 700 media agencies and over 7000 members.

Here at MacDetails, we support prMac of course because they are one of the only real resources for Mac news other then Apple.

Check out and get the attention of the world.