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Mac Backup Guru 1.2 PDF Print E-mail
Apple/Mac News - Reviews
Sunday, 10 February 2013 17:15
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Mac Backup Guru• Simple and easy to use
• Accurately backs up files
• Not your traditional backup utility

Mac Backup Guru is excellent utility that does only one thing and it does it well. There could not be a simpler interface for this program. Here are the basic steps.

  1. Open program.
  2. Select file/folder/volume to backup.
  3. Select destination folder/volume.
  4. Click Backup.

You can “Stop” the backup if you need to or just Quit the program when it displays “Backup Complete”. That’s it.

Mac Backup Guru goes beyond normal backup programs because it actually depends on you to know what you are doing. It does not do the traditional “syncing” like other programs. By using three methods to verify the content of an original and a backup folder, the producers of Mac Backup Guru point it out on their website;

“We can confidently state that if you sync your backup, it is 100% just as good as if you had just cloned the disk for the first time.” –

Backup criteria:

  1. If the size of the file on the source is different from that on the destination, the file has changed.
  2. If the modification time is different on the source or on the destination, the file has changed.
  3. If the file has changed, replace the one on the destination from the one from the source.

That being said, to use the program best, it’s up to you to make sure it’s set up correctly and you then have to hit the Backup button. Guru does not have scheduling. It’s will be up to you to schedule and remember to backup your work. No easy outs for your most important digital files. You know, the ones your business depends on and could never lose.

Mac Backup Guru does a great manual backup. In our testing, Guru always backed up any new or changed files. We ran into a few minor issues like when clicking the Source button and the Open/Select dialog window that opens has the Destination directory displayed, not the last directory that was selected. Also when you stop a Backup the progress bar stops moving and doesn't go away. The user was left unsure if the process had actually stopped.

The first time you backup a folder or volume, it will take some time. Remember, it’s best to start a backup when you are done for the day. (Just don’t leave the office until you are sure it’s running. We all hate those dialog boxes that popup when you’re not looking.)

Lastly, one of Guru’s features that are very handy is, not only can you backup an entire volume, but also if the destination volume is in HFS+ format, it will create a bootable volume.

Mac Backup Guru is a great solution for those of you that are hands-on and don’t need constant synchronization. You just need to be responsible enough to hit that Backup button at the end of the day.

Fun Greetings Deluxe 1.0 PDF Print E-mail
Apple/Mac News - Reviews
Thursday, 06 December 2012 14:57
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Fun Greetings Deluxe 1.0• 200 “1-Click” styles, 15 built-in photo effects; 35 built-in frames
• Square cards, Flat Cards, Single Fold Cards, Double Fold Cards, Money Holders, and Custom Sized Cards.
• Output card designs to your printer, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, iPhoto or Email

This is a great app for folks that enjoy making their own greeting cards. Fun Greetings Deluxe is so easy to use you could let your kids create cards too. In fact it’s so easy to use, it will take you longer to read this review then it would for you to make a Greeting card.

BAM! Jr. 1.1.0 for iOS PDF Print E-mail
Apple/Mac News - Reviews
Monday, 21 May 2012 00:00
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Bam! Jr. is a new kids game for all iOS devices. The game is focused on younger kids and is a simple matching same that kids can play with their friends.  

Game play
The app launches ready to play. The first player selects the icon/color they like and then the next player selects an icon. The center Play icon becomes active only after a second icon is selected. Players can select up to 8 icons and therefore can provide fun for up to 8 kids in one match. The game is made to have at least two people play it, but one player could have fun with it as well.

MathMagic Personal Edition PDF Print E-mail
Apple/Mac News - Reviews
Monday, 20 February 2012 19:45
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MMPE7MacsmallWe recently tested out a program called MathMagic Personal Edition and it is quite an impressive program. Granted this is not a program for anybody, but for those of use that consider themselves a mathematician or you’re in a math intensive career - MathMagic would be an asset to you.

InfoLogic, Inc has made MathMagic to be exactly what they bill the product to be, “the ultimate equation editor on the planet!” They have designed an easy to use interface with all the most common mathematical symbols readily available.

When the application first opens it prompts you to install fonts that are critical for proper equation formatting. After that you go right into a new layout and start writing equations.

MathMagic Personal Edition uses all the common ways to edit and create layouts – Copy&Paste and Drag&Drop. User can also define their own shortcuts and have great flexibility with Multiple Undos/Redos.

Your final equations can be saved in a variety of image and file formats - EPS, PICT, WMF, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, TeX, and PDF support for compatibility with other software.

MathMagic may not be something you need in your life, but if you know people that are Students, Teachers, Professors, Researchers, Engineers, Editors, Publishers, or just someone that really likes math, let them know about MathMagic Person Edition.

Data Recovery Guru for Mac OSX Lion PDF Print E-mail
Apple/Mac News - Reviews
Saturday, 03 December 2011 15:19
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  • Fast & Easy File Recovery
  • Mac OSX Lion Ready
  • Recover over 100 different file types

There is a great new program now available that can recover long lost files easily and quickly. Check out Mac OSX File Recovery's new program Data Recovery Guru.

In our testing, we were easily able to use Data Recovery Guru to scan and find deleted files on all the available volumes on our testing computers. When you "Start Scan" you can search for deleted files only or for deleted and regular files. As Guru scans the volume it lists files that you can start reviewing as the program continues to scan. Though the files that are found are not named with their original names, you can select them and get a preview thumbnail of the files and see their file size.

Mac Innovators get results from prMac PDF Print E-mail
Apple/Mac News - Reviews
Saturday, 03 December 2011 15:19
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  • Mac Press Release Service
  • Video News Releases
  • Reach almost 700 media agencies
  • Over 7000 Members

In the world of marketing, it is tough to get attention. Once you have created something, you need to literally tell everybody in the world – or at least your corner of it. Not the easiest thing to do of course, especially when it’s tough for some businesses to budget for marketing.

In the Mac world, it’s even more important to have your press release heard because the mass media usually doesn’t have time for Mac innovations – unless Steve Jobs was talking about it (RIP Steve).

You need to get the word out and one of the best ways is through a press release service like I have used prMac and it is the best press release resource for anyone that develops a product and wants to sell it to a targeted audience of Apple product lovers.